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SAD news at local parc OKA

On Saturday the 11th of May I was at the main beach of OKA- La Crête was still closed due to high water levels. For the WSW winds that would have been better. I had to end my session becuz the winds picked up and were very gusty. I watched a kiter try to go out, butt he gave up. And a windsurfer came further down the beach exclaiming he arrived too late and did NOT even get out - he also was with a MauiSails 8.x ie over. The conditions made me nervous and two(2) other wind enthusiasts who arrived appeared VERY cautious...

All day Sunday I kept exclaiming how strong the winds were and how dangerous. I had an unexplainable urge to go to OKA. Kept checking forums and the such to see how the day went. At the end of the day i got the bad news!! A kite surfer died at the main beach of OKA Park on this day, Sunday May 12th, 2013 :-(
It seems the kite went into multiple loops - they are saying this means you need to release the kite and in the worst case, cut the cords. With the cold temps and strong winds - this may not have been possible. Also, this beach is NOT ideal for W-SW winds. The other beach , La Crête, is ideal for those winds and one can run parallel to the beach in shallow waters ... The winds, the temperature, skills, etc ALL come into play... Self-rescue on my windsurfer makes me nervous and i can only imagine how it must be with a kite !!! Many people gave condolences and some gave advise - not really time for that - except to say PLEASE BE CAREFUL, STAY IN YOUR SKILL LEVEL and STAY IN VIEW {if u r alone}.
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I found it hard to believe and did some quick searches. You know we have reached sad times when not only is the incident confirmed, but we also have LIVE footage of the revival attempt :-(

{took it off here - for respect to the family}

Another SAD DAY for OKA , wind enthusiasts , a local family and ....

My thoughts go out to all those who were and are touched directly by such a loss - that NEVER should have happened ...

Last year two(2) people drowned at the parc as well :-(
I am sure measures or restrictions will be put in place sooon ...

His name was Julien Blanchard with 32 years of age.
When rescuers arrived the body was submerged and they had to drag it out of the water with the cords.
This is the first death of a kitesurfer in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Some articles in the papers are calling this a "death loop". I had NO idea what this all meant - luckily NEVER having seen this. I found a video and it does look "awkward", but i would NOT have known it was EXTREMELY dangerous !!!

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