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Catapault or Catapult ?

Who cares how you spell it?

No matter who it happens to or when, IT HURTS. Mostly psychologically {I HOPE}...
Non, sailboarder, did NOT hurt myself - perhaps my pride :-) kidding ....
Thanks for asking though ...

Too many people write about or tell me about their new board and "breaking it in" --  literally.
There has to be a way to avoid this. 
Many are saying the T-boom/combi boom bra or the nose guard are the solution.

Well, I kept wondering, how are people managing to do this - until yesterday !!!
Here is my first busted nose #$%^&*()

This is my old CAT that I call my FUC board = Fanatic Ultra CAT. Yes, it is a longboard from the 80's and so, who cares? I DO !! This is my GOTO board for winds under 12 knots and often up to 16 knots.
I was flying and hit a rock at full blast and hooked in. You see the result... Too many people were speaking about their experience that day regarding this problem and SO - serendipity, whatever u call it - i crashed !! I have premonitions and warnings in life , butt do not listen to them often enough ^&*(

This is a special board and i want to keep it going. It allows me to try different things and really completes my quiver. Just in case, I am shopping for a similiar or higher volume board now. Working on a deal with a Mistral Equipe XR.

Here is a pic of the mast base that i had "fixed" with crazee glue. 
The fix only shifted with the catapault, butt did NOT come apart.
I have already applied more crazeee glue ...

Spoke to Dr. Ed or Mr. Ed :-) about the busted nose ...and he suggested that we lift the crushed top up, grind the cracks in order to allow some things to go in and seal. We talked about styrofoam filler, marine plywood, etc, but both feel it is NOT necessary. The primary goal on this OLD board is water leak support and semi-solid. Since Ed asked .. the affected area is about 6.25 inches by 3.5 inches i.e. NOT too big ...

In order to avoid damage one is to hang on to the sail, which i did. Others say footstraps help too. How does all this help when you hit something ?? It doesn't :-(

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  1. Hi Joe! Ouch... Hopefully you didn't hurt yourself. I doubt padding would have helped on that one...


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