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Summary of 2013 Summer Windsurfing

In the title I include the word Summer since I do windsurf in the winter on the ice as well. Snow has NOT been as successful, butt ok in less than 3 inches of snow - especially if snow is on the ice...

It is now November and it is starting to feel like we are between seasons. Unfortunately that also usually means I become aware that i gained weight and the jogging needs to start #$%^&*()

My limit for wind speed is still somewhere just over 20 knots. I do NOT have enough opportunity to practice with my smallest sail , HotSailsMaui 6.3 Fire, on my smallest board, Fanatic BEE LTD 124. On the other hand, I was getting VERY comfortable with the long board, Fanatic Ultra CAT of 210 liters. In fact, I was SO comfortable with that board, that i did NOT use the BIC Techno Formula of 94 cm width. That may also have something to do with the fact that the MauiSails TR-6 10-oh sail needs a repair at the top. I have a work-around, butt never tested it on the water. May actually have found a better fix. Barry Spanier of MauiSails feels this other fix is viable.

A TR-6 8.4 race sail was purchased to replace the defunct MauiSails MS-2 8-oh. This is a GREAT sail, but i have a difficult time uphauling it and so I put the MS-2 back in commission. It has monofilm repairs and no more cambers. When there is a bit too much chop I use the MS-2. I made a good film with the TR-6 and posted it on youtube. Was filmed with the GoPro 1.0 that i purchased end of 2012...

The CAT was so much my favourite GO TO board, that i was extremely disappointed as it got scragglier and scragglier... The mast base was glued and i catapaulted resulting in a hole in the nose. And so , I looked for a replacement and ended up with a Mistral Equipe I LCS-XR. This board has NOT disappointed and so far I almost like it more than the CAT !!!

The AHD FF 160 is still a GREAT board and LOVE it with any 8.x sail in about 16 knots wind !!! Feel like i will never sell it !!!

I now wear shorts over my wetsuit - like a kiter. This holds my van key securely.

My booties for the summer are dead and i use my winter booties... My winter boots are NOT warm enough. Windspirit has some boots that interest me ...

Took four (4) newbies out for sessions this year. Mostly with the BIC Techno Formula. They did NOT like the long weed fin that stuck out the back. Told them they could buy me a shorter one for about 30 bucks since i did not need one :-) Some of them also preferred my North Sails Zeta 4.x over the HSM Fire 6.3. One fellow is stoked for sure and will be back !!! He is planning to practice in Morocco - lucky dog !!

Somehow managed to spend $1100 this year - with the 8.4 race sail, Mistral Equipe, harness lines, mast bases, OKA pass, etc. Was also looking at a Kona ONE in great shape... At $1400 i offered 1200 and was refused. Purchased the Equipe instead. When the KONA was at $850 {even with the Equipe in my quiver}  i tried to sell my BTF , butt fell through. A fellow on iwindsurf has Equipe carbon, BTF and Kona One Carbon !!!

So far this year {will try to go out ONE more time !! } I have windsurfed approximately 68 times. Over 85% of my sessions were with my 8.x square meter sails. From the board perspective, over 65 % of my sessions were on a good longboard - Fanatic Ultra CAT or Mistral Equipe. In terms of sites, 44% of my outings were at OKA Parc where the vast majority were at La Crêtre - which was closed last Sunday %$^&*(

Next year: good life jacket to learn water starts once and for all. Will make NO promises for foot straps. Someday will get a used 8-oh with NO cambers OR learn to deal with the TR-6 8.4 properly !!

Quiver Analysis: If I bring the Mistral Equipe I LCS of 210 liters, the AHD FF 160 liters, Gaastra Flow 3X 7.0 & MauiSails TR-6 8.4, I will cover 99.99% of the sessions I had in 2013. That is a two(2) board and two(2) sail quiver. However, did NOT use the BTF/BIC Techno Formula with the 10m sail myself. Hope to remedy that situation in 2014. Even with those two(2), it would be three(3) board and three(3) sail quiver ... Problem: The van is getting older :-(

Summary: NO issues in equipment coverage for the year. Just need to improve the technique !!!

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  1. Hi Joe!

    You had a nice season! Various comments: I have O'Neil winter boots from 2-Rad and I recommend them, they are toasty.

    Did you say that the new Kona One was sold for 850, or is it still available? In any case I'd like to contact the owner. If he's a newbie, I could help him with the board.

    One day, I'd love to try the BTF. I wonder how much earlier than a Kona I could get it to plane.

    I think I will sail tomorrow. 11C with 20 kts! Are you attending the APVM party?


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