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OKA Labour Day Monday 2015

It is RARE that I will put a post to discuss an outing. Usually cover this in my journal entries. However, today was a special day !!! Winds were to be from the SW at about 30 - 50 kph as promised all week and never deviated from this and if anything just kept getting better !!

So, obviously I brought my 30-50 kph combo which allows for lighter AND stronger winds... AHD FF 160/79, BEE LTD 124/63, HSM SPF 8.5, NS Duke 6.9, HSM Fire 6.3 plus fins 34, 40, 48 cm and Makani Hahalua 43 cm weed fin. Water is low and there are MANY weeds @ La Crète ..

When I arrived at 10h00, I got one of the last six(6) parking spots at the end of the "parking lot". Benoit told me that at the gate he was informed that 100 cars passed between opening at 8h00 and 9h00. The parking lot got so full, that two fellows almost had it out. One called the cops. When the cops arrived and they were pointing in my direction, I told them,"I had nothing to do with it" :-)

The best meter reading was 10 knots for a second or two :-( There was a fellow with a Formula, 70 cm fin and 9.2 sail going NO WHERE :-(
Supposed to get better and so, RIG BIG ...
Kiter came in with his 20 m² sail !!!
I rigged AHD FastForward 160 liter with HotSailsMaui SpeedFreak 8.5...
Fellow beside me had a SB Formula 155 with only 85 cm width ...
Marc Cyr was out on his Fanatic Hawk LTD 113 with a Naish 7.8 and later 6.4
Roni was out on his Shark LTD 150 and Tushingham 8.0...
The wind just kept getting better and better ...
Saw Marc go by with the board in the air and about 2 inches of fin showing !!!
Told him he was FLYING - told me I was not doing so bad either :-)
Still no straps - did i say that out loud :-(
Left at about 16h00 when the wind was picking up even more !!
It was HOT (over 30 degrees C) and I was exhausted.
Drank two(2) bottles of water and I NEVER bring water !!

Here is the graph

and a small video to show how many people there were
when i left there were over thirty cars on the road towards the windsurf/kite area !!!

Here is the video :
(filmed at 2h45 when winds were good as per charts, but light in the video)

Oh yeah I rate ALL my sessions - cannot give it more than an 8.5 outta 10 - winds and conditions were just all over the place :-( But it was still FUN in the SUN !!

sub-note: The tall Guy (pun intended) just got back from three(3) weeks at les Isles de Madeleine !! What a lucky dog (you can say that in English - NOT French)... He says that typically it was 10-20 knots with two(2) days rain and only a few over 25 knots where he sat it out ... Now THAT sounds like a windsurf holiday - although it is kinda far. The trick is to catch the midnight ferry and sleep on the last half of the journey :-)

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