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Quiver Analysis After 2015 season

It was mid-September (when i began this post) and we had unseasonably warm beginning of the month.
The fall winds and temps had not started yet ...
So, like every year I looked at what worked and what did not
What am I missing, broke or ??

77 % of 2015 sessions so far were on the longboards - mostly Mistral Equipe = KEEPER
(A Mistral Competition SST with more volume was purchased , tested and SOLD.)

84 % were on sails in the 8.x range - the HSM SPF 8.5 is a keeper too...

The 10-oh and 6.3 were each used once, which means larger and smaller are NOT required.
Sails are covered and wished the NP 490/90 mast was not broken on the way to Hatteras...
It was replaced on site with a Chinook 490/30%

In terms of boards ...
The winning MEQ longboard was already discussed...
The JP SLW92 was used three(3) times...

The AHD 160/79 was used four(4) times... and SOLD

The BEE 124/63 was actually used twice - once with 6.3 and other ??

I have been trying to use the 8.x sails on the JP SLW
The idea is to sell the AHD and BEE and get something in the 120-135 liter range ...
In terms of width no more than 80 cm...

2014 SB iS 107 carbon - too small for me
2012 SB iS 117L $1150 with board bag, fin ?? 228x81windsurfing quebec+quebecwind
2011 StarBoard iSonic 117L $900 228x81 dinged and thus too $$ windsurfing quebec
2011 StarBoard Futura 133 in Ottawa - 248x76.5 - iwindsurf $700
2008 JP SuperSport 136 $800 46 cm fin 251x79 cm ?? windsurfing quebec
2000 Fanatic Ultra BEE 137 $150US 289x62 cm - too narrow

Looks like the StarBoard iSonic 117W is the winner, but for next year.
Should I put the AHD and BEE for sale this year ??
AHD for $550 with 48 cm fin... got called within one hour !! asked to include board bag
BEE for $225 with 34 cm fin or FUC for $150
This would give me about $700 towards the next purchase ...
Bought the SB iS 117W after some MAJOR coaxing from Geoff from NY state :-)

Georges says I should have charged $700 for the AHD - beat up or NOT !!
and after beginning this "report" managed to have a good outing with the JP SLW92 and HSM SPF8.5

MUST also mention that this was the first year that I made the trip south to Cape Hatteras in North Carolina in the spring. The reason I specify spring is, my windsurf buddy and colleague , Antoine , makes the journey in the spring AND the fall. I managed to break a mast on the way down and windsurf seven days out of 7 !! However, this did NOT curb my spending :-(

Need to adjust my wind vs equipment chart = started ...

announceif lessright onif moresailsmastsfins
20 kphMEQJPSLWJPSLW8.4 and 10-oh490 & 52056&66 DT
20-40 kphJPSLWSB iSSB iS10, 8.x & 6.9490 & 46056&46 DT
30-50 kphMEQSB iSBEE8.x, 6.9 & 6.3490 & 46040 cmsDT/PB
40-60 kphSB iSBEEBEE6.9 & 6.3RDM 46040 & 32 cm

So, YES, my boards leaned towards the light wind category of windsurfing. As discussed, most of my sessions were with the Mistral Equipe longboard. Geoff has offered me his F2 Lightening, but I am not sold on the idea yet. This would be for 2016 and not too $$$ anyway. Is there anything I have to change ? NOT really. Would like a lighter mast for the HSP SPF 8.5 since i/we busted the excellent one on the way to Hatteras. Fins will need to be purchased for the SB iS once I get it under wraps ... But that may take some time - for me to feel in control of this racehorse ...

After people giving me shite and calling me amateur, I have come to the same conclusion. I know how to have fun on the water and how to get back to "le point de d├ępart". However, know now more than ever that I MUST improve my skills and THAT is why I purchased that iS 117L/wide !!

Had to lock comments here too - need to find a way to force approval of comments - too much junk

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