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S2Maui Sails is coming out of the closet !!

For those of you who do not know Barry Spanier and Artur Szpunar, they left Maui Sails in 2015. Artur and his family were having a baby and the above two(2) were busy with two(2) others to build up S2Maui Sails.

Their site seems to have just come up end of JAN/start of FEB 2016. Actually the site was up earlier, but NO data. For that one had to go their facebook.

For me, the sad news is
the TEAM is gone forever. 
MauiSails has NO new material for 2016
Both have gone to more constant curve masts - even though none are offered by S2Maui 
Local shop is carrying neither in 2016

The good news is:
Artur and Barry are still working together
there will be new innovations out from these two
Local shop will carry them in the future

Barry Spanier is an icon in the windsurf sail world.  He has worked for Niel Pryde, Maui Sails and with many of the BIG names in the race world. Bjorn Dunkerbeck got his start with the TEAM. Matt and Kevin Pritchard were on the team. Barry worked with Bruce Peterson to discover the ADTR system, which means the opening of the top of the sail under higher winds. Barry was or is working on an adjustable downhaul system, etc, etc

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