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Mistral Malibu fixed up n ready to go

Werner Burger out of Zurich has used some of my posts to help him in this project and has suggested we share in his success.. The story and the photos are from Werner...

He bought the board in August 2015 (thanks Gerhard), first test-surfs in August and September 2015.

I have an  83-84-85 Mistral catalogue and the Malibu is in it . It is 355 x 65 cm with a volume of 175 liters and 13 kilos. Possibility of 8 footstraps as you can see in  the photo from Werner. Inside the catologue the bottom of the board is described as having a special feature called the "air scoop". It is a concave section in the middle of the board somewhat forward. Will ask Werner for a photo from the bottom as well ...

Werner has sent my a couple of shots from the bottom:
It is supposed to help with early planing and has not been seen before nor since ...

Next ??

bought a used sail and boom (thanks Renato), using the original Mistral mast 
bought a used sail North Prisma 9.0 with mast (thanks Roger)

first rides in October 2015

Okay Werner and now we will bombard you with questions asking for more information 

How did you correct the pivot wheels with help from what looks like the three Musketeers /
Philipp, Jakob, Mathias and Alex ?? 

Can we have more pictures or videos of your excursions ??
need a bottom shot as already discussed ...

We wish you all the best and I am VERY glad to have been of assistance indirectly !!!
You can reply here and have your answers as comments or send to me and I will post
Alles Gute mein Freund !!

Since I have an old Mistral pamphlet, let's see if we can post some pics from the mag here ...

As specified earlier the board is 355 x 67 cm with 175 liters and approx 13 kg
The Equipe I/one of same era is 372 x 65 cm with 210 liters and  about  13.5 kg...

clique to enlarge
clique to enlarge

and here is a video from the fellow requesting the post 

In 2016 found another video on the web - it includes a Fanatic Shark  - one of the boards I always wanted to get and try. This year I may even try a Malibu !!

The above video is from Yann Lefievre  who wrote in below :-)

In 2018 Werner seems to have moved on to a Mistral Equipe 2 !! 
Question is - does he still have both and how do they compare ??


  1. That was my 1st serious board. I loved it. Great restoration story!

  2. This is my video! so here my story: I am originally from France, I had 2 malibu one after another in France (that was 30 years ago!!), I loved the board. After I moved to the us, I had to find a Malibu. I got lucky enough to find one in good shape almost unused on ebay 4 years ago. I still love the board. I sometimes sail with a 9m2 sail. I also love the shark 135, very stable, fast and easy all around


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