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Canadian Masters RACE near Montréal 2016

However, there is NO wind announced #$%^&*(()

MAYBE a little wind on Friday ??

It will be on the South Shore of Lac St-Louis from July 29 to August 1st at Châteauguay. If the wind is just right,  perhaps we can do a run over from Cartier or BDU ?? 

The official link is @ Canadian Masters Annual-Championships and the official location is @ 540 D’Youville, Châteauguay /Centre Nautique which is the South Shore (for Montrealers).

It is definitely more of a LONGBOARD and FORMULA event !! The longboards have a BIG range though - D2, raceboards, Kona One, etc ... However, they do mention possibility of a slalom event ??

The official link has ALL the details, but I will add some information here - like - what are the ISAF Racing Rules ?? ISAFRRS20132016Final-[13376].pdf
WOW - HUGE document with FLAGS used on the water ...
One thing of interest - is pumping sails allowed ??
Sailboarder of the APVM and local KONA representative tells me:
"Apart from the Kona class, all classes allow pumping."

What size sails ??

An important note is that trophies can ONLY be awarded to members of the CMWA !! And so, I will also investigate how one becomes a member - if one is not so already ... and costs about $50 average ...

Will post results or link once they are out ...

not much reporting though :-(

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