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Summary of 2019 Windsurf sessions

This report is about sessions "on the water" in 2019 -- I also windsurf on ice n snow :-)

This was my WORST year EVER :-(

It began with with flooding in the Montreal area ...

So, as you can see, we had NO access to the water in the area ...

Thus, my very first session on the water this year was "up north" at the in-law chalet -- May 20th, which I presume is Queen Victoria's birthday or Fête Dollard as we like to call it here in Québec ...

On top of no water access, one weekend, July 5th, all OKA Parc beaches were rendered inaccessible due to high levels of fecal coliform in the water ... sewage = yuck

I have been windsurfing since about 1995, that's twenty-four(24) years and I have been recording my sessions since 2011. In 2013, which was my best recorded year, I had 68 sessions on the water. In 2019 I had a grande total of sixteen sessions ONLY
For some people that's more sessions than they do regularly and some people just don't windsurf. 😊

Winds in those 16 sessions were mostly light (20-40kph from the West) with an average session rating of 7.5 outta 10.

I love windsurfing and the only way I can get better is more TOW / time on the water ...
Everyone knows about my foot strap issue/phobia :-(
This year I managed to get my toes in, but i gotta do better !!

Other bad news is - my windmobile died :-(

That pic was from the maiden and only voyage of the REIX D2 in 2018
However, you can also see the MEQ2 which I only got to use once this year, 2019

This was actually good, as it forced me to use the Shark 145 in 50% of my outings ...

The other half of the outings were all "up north" on the BIC SL200 and GA Flow 3X 7.0 cambered sail. In many years I do not even count sessions at the chalet as they are so inconsequential i.e. I rarely go there to windsurf - just do it cuz we are there ...

Oh yeah, I am lookin' svelte cuz I lost forty(40) pounds since October 2018 :-)
Next time when you cannot sleep, just listen to the water sounds in the above video lol

Some mo' analysis ...

My biggest sail used in 2019 on the water was the GA Swift, a 2 cambered 10 m² freerace sail and the smallest was the GA Flow 3x, a 3 cambered 7.0 m² race sail. For the winter I was looking to replace the WindWing 4.6. To either get the one full batten for the WW or even get a real windsurf sail ~ 5.4 m². However, since 5.x is two(2) sizes down from the smallest sail used in 2019


Even for the Black Project weed speed fin that I am discussing with Dgee of St-Sauveur 


If the operation to correct my inguinal hernias did anything, it taught me patience ...

End of 2019 Dgee says someone wanted that fin "urgently". We are having our first real snow storm of the year and I am unsure on which board I will concentrate this year i.e. where to put the money. At first I was pushing the delivery/exchange, but now I can honestly still say that I spent less than $300 on windsurfing last year and the year before ... and it is 31DEC2019 taday :-)

Same thing for my mother this year - after removing her ovaries and receiving chemo, she has learned patience. That and recovering from falling off a ladder #$%^&*() 
Now I know from whence I got me crazies lol

was lookin @ this one too - open head and long boom
a bit far for me @ this point in my recovery :-(

since I had hernias corrected, I did purchase this winch from Marie in DEC 2019 :-)

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