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A Windsurf Sail that Folds in Half ??

Just when you thought there was NO "new stuff" ...

On Saturday June 3rd, 2023 I went out to OKA and tried to windsurf in what I call "overpowering conditions". Someone said,"Phew!! Je pense qu'il y a 30 noeuds l'autre bord!"

So, I went to La CrĂȘte and practiced water starts all the while trying to stay in the shallows.

When I got off I saw a dude taking this out of his SUV:

It did NOT look like a kite kit, wingfoil or ???
What kinda animal is this ??

Apparently RRD have had this foldable sail out since about three years:

For me it is surprising that this concept has NOT been attempted before.
The only thing I noticed was the loose leech is shallow waves at the top.

The mast was also in 5 pieces ...

Dude says VoilOKA sells them & probably are supplied from windspirit. At VoilOka the mast and boom compact kit is $1244 + 15% tax. This does NOT include ANY sails, which are $850 + tax each. Way over $2000 for a 6-oh ?? WoW

How about wind-spirit ?? HD compact kit is $650 + tax and PRO is $1500 + tax. However, these look like sale prices !! and the 5-oh is $570 + tax on sale ..

Once upon a time ... there were these MultiSails where you added pieces to make the sail larger. Obviously that never took off. But reduction of storage and transport space has always been something to consider. However, I will NOT become a fan of inflatables !!!

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