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Tuck Tape

 Yes, Tuck Tape and not Duct Tape ... for sail repair ?? YES !!

There was a "new member" and windsurf newbie on quebecwind who asked about repairing a windsurf sail and this product at Canadian Tire was suggested :

Now, ironically, I had just ordered and received this from where it cost me  over $40 with postage.

When I use this $26 Chinook monofilm tape,
..................................I often have issues with "air bubbles". 

The Tuck Tape, which is half the price of the Chinook tape is EXTREMELY sticky and has NO issue with the "air bubbles". I applied this to my 2011 HotSailsMaui SpeedFreak 8.5m² prototype sail that I purchased from GEM in 2014 -->  I stuck my elbow through the X-PLY at Oka in June 2021.
In my windsurf inventory, that sail has already been marked as "GONE" !!

Let's see how this holds up, but this may not happen until 2024 !!

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