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SAT 19FEB2011

First BLOG post :this section of my blog is devoted to my journal entries - that I used to do in a WORD journal. The idea came from my eighteen (18) year old son, who is more web savvy than I :-) so far I am enjoying posting and I hope others enjoy it as well ...

Yesterday the temps went way up around 10 degrees Celsius with rain i.e. lotsa water ...
Last night it got colder - froze - and there were BIG winds overnight and some left-overs in the morning. After dropping my daughter off @ work , I checked the ice and it seemed fine !!! Got my gear and put the helmet too. Winds were about 6 to 10 knots NW and temp was around –5. Things went well except when I went into the snow section I suddenly fell and I quickly found out why. There was still water under the snow. So, tried to stay away from the snow. Had about two (2) other falls and one pretty good one where I thought I hurt my knee. Butt in the end, all was well… The board kept turning upwind – tried raising the boom which helped a bit – need to move something like the mastfoot forward or back ?? 

Again the mast got stuck - used the car heater as usual, butt the ferrule top piece stayed in the top of the mast again $%^&*(. 
Had to get it out with a LONG soup spoon and duct tape. After that added more plumber’s tape and put some silicone at the joint – to try n keep things together !! Originally considered going to the country because it would be a couple of degrees colder, butt once again, no-one wants to go !! Maybe tomorrow with the little one??

coupla extra points

1) was using the Gaastra Flow 3x 7-oh sail
2) did i mention my feet were soaked n frozen ??
3) also, i moved the mast foot back about 1.5 inches
the board is starting to resemble  the original more n more
the only difference is the angle of the skis
oh yeah - the skis held the ice well - at 20 degrees
and they sink into snow - so flatter is better on snow - Guy Trudeau's design time ??
think Pierre told me he had some skis :-)

AND, which mast goes with the training sail, the North 3.7 ??? does NOT seem to be here

here's how much the mast foot went back ... in total 

see How I started Winter Sailboarding for more information - just below  ;-) {in older Post}

to continue with older journal entries go back to index and choose the original journal ...

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