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26FEB2011 winter sailboarding

Ok, the blog is starting to take shape and people around the world seem interested, butt no comments. That's okay cuz I'm doin this for myself .. "Journalize" here or in my WORD document ...

Today the sun was shining, there was about 1/2 inch or 1 cm of snow on the local river. Winds were light out of the west and were supposed to pick up. They never really did. Put the MS Pursuit 8.5 sail.

The skis did not seem to bite and made me wonder if 30 degrees would be better than the current 20 degree setup ?? When the wind picked up, this did not seem to be an issue.

These are my 30 degree braces/bridges with a metal reinforcement:

At one point I was able to blast downwind and I checked my speed compared to the cars on the bridge. They seemed to be going only slightly faster and they are at 60 or 70 kph. This suggests I was going approximately 50 kph or 30 mph. DECENT !! Time to get a GPS ?

The board seemed to pick up speed whenever on bare ice. Also what was fun, was pumping the sail to try and get more oomph :-)

One thing I felt that I missed today was the harness. I donut have footstraps and I have not been using a harness. I only go out about an hour or so anyway. When I want to push hard, I place my boots on the side of the skis and the snowboard. This allows full hanging down on the boom for decent speed and control :-)

The ferrule cap ALMOST came off once again %^&*() This time I put a little white glue ...

They are announcing big winds on Monday. Perhaps I'll get a chance to try n rip then.
Just double checked the weather - winds shifted and announcing freezing rain - perhaps I can go in the street then ? :-) Too bad, rain in the city and wet snow @ home and NO winds in the pm :-(

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