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WED 02MAR2011

This morning at 5h30 the winds were excellent out of the W to go NW later and the temperatures were around minus 5 Celsius. There was some fresh snow on the river, but not too much to hamper my ice sailing. I stood outside and pondered. Do I go in to work a little late. If I take the van and go straight to work after, my wife may not even notice and people show up late at my work all the time. Problem was , it was still quite dark :-( Okay, what I'll do is, monitor sunrise for next morning sesh and leave work an hour early. The sun did not come up enough until about 6h15. This means I could have been off the ice and on my way to work by 7h30. Could make it there by 8h30, only about 1.5 hours later than my usual arrival.

Plan to leave work early. Yeah, right. Meeting set to go at 14h00 until 15h30. Leave at 15h15 to catch the train and there is someone wandering on the subway tracks = stalled ^&*() Luckily made the train, but fell asleep and missed my stop. Grap a different bus and make it home by 17h00. Feels late, but winds are still good out of the NW. Okay, let's monitor sundown too %^&*() Looks like 18h00 is the limit in order to be packed by 18h15. At least we now have 12 hours of daylight.

The sad part is, rain is starting to become a norm in the forecast. Perhaps I will be lucky and it will be cooler up north with a bit of wind this weekend. Will not be able to stay too late if it is Sunday. Have a ticket to see the 80's band OMD/Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark :-)

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