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Test Run of Board #3.14 - TUE 22MAR2011

In case you forgot, I re-configured winter sailboard #1. It is the third/3rd configuration, but using board #1 and thus I call it board #3.14. May also have something to do with the fact that I like pie :-) Basically the skis are flat and a third ski was added in the middle as a stabilizer. (see photo on 12MAR2011 entry)

The weather is unpredictable and we had some nor-westerlies this afternoon. When I got home at around 17h00 they were still going strong and were predicted to go for another hour. Packed my stuff and went. The big question of course is where to go. The river and lakes are finished - half ice and half water - no good for summer OR winter windsurfing. Perhaps the golf course in Terrebonne - nope, too narrow. How about beside the propeller plane aeroport - nope, that will never fly - pardon the pun. Okay, back to the sod farm just off the 25 and north of Terrebonne. Winds were still steady and still under 10 knots. Rigged the MS Pursuit 8.5 and struggled to get it over the fence without punching a hole in it - next time rig it on the other side. Winds were good and the board showed potential. Every time I got going, the back slipped and the front pointed upwind - obviously stalling everything. Believe they call this "spin out" in windsurfing and is usually a factor of using too small a fin ...So, the centre ski is NOT acting as a stabilizer as hoped. After a half an hour of some decent exercise, unrigged on the other side of the fence and went home. Still home before 19h00 - LIFE IS GOOD.

So, what to do about the slippage ? At first I considered a fin and then I took some balance point measurements. Before I put anything INTO the snow, I will try some balancing acts. On a windsurfer one puts the mastbase somewhere around the 135 cm mark from the back. This usually closely coincides with the balance point. On board #3.14 it seems the balance point is about 6.5 inches back. That's about 16 cm and quite a chunk. Before doing the crazy snow-fin thing I will move the mast back about 3 inches. After that re-evaluate. Let us hope I get another try at it this winter !!

Now I feel like a dummy. Just found an article in Popular Mechanics from 1987 where they used 3 skis and the outside skis were angled in just as board #1 was originally !!! Also, the central ski is further back.  Popular Mechanics article I will continue to do experiments before angling the outside skis. The ride before spin out was very good and showed potential...On snow I am NOT looking for the most efficient speed or maneuvering machine. That's for the ice - at least for speed. Just want to be able to go straight with the wind on the snow and as I said board # 3.14 showed potential... (Am now considering angling IN just the back connection to the skis !!)

Ten minutes of work and the two(2) modifications are done - ready for next test !! Moved mast-base back about 1.5 inches and back attachment is less than 10 degrees sloped in. And as always thinkin about the next mod - do I really need that third/3rd ski ?? Will test as is first !! Looks like Friday, Saturday AND Sunday look promising - too bad i'm getting my first haircut Friday - 8 months after I shaved my head and beard for cancer...


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