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Going round with pi/board #3.14 - SAT 26MAR2011

Saturday, sunny and winds steady out of the west at 8 to 10 knots - gusts went over 20. Went to the sod farm near Terrebonne with the two(2) slight modifications on board #3.14 - written about in last post - mast-base back a bit and back of skis tilted in slightly. The snow was crusty with about two(2) inches of soft stuff on top - spring ski conditions. Rigged the Gaastra Flow 3X 7.0 on the 490 - on the other side of the fence this time. All in all, I had to give this session a nine out of ten. Was actually able to do three quarter 3/4 tacks. Forget the downwind gybes cuz I wouda run into the fence. I am not much of a gyber in any case. Only fell about four times and none serious. The angle in the back helped a lot and feels like the third ski kept things smooth up front. Need to do more tests in deeper snow. As I was right beside hi-way 25, people were constantly honkin' as they drove by - too cold to wave :-) Just as I was considering to end the two(2) hour session, a fellow yelled out. He seemed to be the proprietor and asked me NOT to ski on the grass of the sod farm. Stated that he had tried signs, butt people take em down and snowmobile on the sod anyways. "The sign said long haired freaky people need not apply..." Guess that was my last run there :-( He said it was okay to go on the other side of the highway. Will check out near Mirabel areoport instead - have heard the kiters go on the fields of snow there. That's about the same distance from my home.

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