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Windsurfing with Snowboards

It seems in Latvia they have licked the issue of windsurfing on snowboards. Found this on a great Australian windsurf forum ==>    watch it FULL SCREEN - HD

Snowsurfing 2011. February from Māris Minkevics on Vimeo.

this is what I wrote on the Australian website regarding snowboards and windsurfing or boardsailing
"this is much more difficult than you realize

here in Canada it is winter now and I have built a snow sled using skis

experiments with snowboards showed that it required bigger winds AND if you stay in the boots , it will be very awkward on one leg of the run - also NOT so easy to control direction other than with the sail

this looks like it is from latvia where they have done much more winter windsurfing than here in Canada - here it is like I am the pioneer ...
will try to get a video on my blog"

there are MANY other posts on this blog regarding winter windsurfing - search google for joewindsurfer winter

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