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Current dilemna - when to stop the shop

In my possession I have four (4) boards, four (4) masts, six or seven (7) sails and about six (6) fins. In the summer I go on the water about forty (40) times per season. How can I be satisfied with my current stuff and just enjoy.

Before short-boarding this was never an issue.

Now I seem to be "shopping" and cruising the web looking for deals constantly.
Do I change my 8.5 for a cammed 8.5?
Do I get a Kona One?
Do I change my 15 year old harness? {Matt Pritchard says YES :-) }

Feel like I used to be a minimalist and just had what I needed to get on the water - my longboard and about three(3) sails. Now my longboard doesn't go fast enough and wish I had a race type longboard. My shortboard has too thick rails and yet planes really early.

Once I am on the water (or ice) these issues all disappear. I smile, I whoop and wave at fellow servers AND kiters. Share the paradise I call it.

Perhaps the solution is to move to a place right on the water and live the dream. Just go whenever it blows. This way equipment just falls by the wayside and the time on water becomes the fun, which is what it is all about anyway.

This is the first time in any aspect this has happened to me and I hope to overcome it !!

Maybe if I get that new harness, it will be enough ....:-)

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