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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Managed to get out of work early. Was actually accidental - forgot I had the van at work {sorry Pierre}. Made it home by 15h30 and on the ice by 16h00. They were taking the fish-huts off the ice and putting signs up - "Do not go on the ice". Asked the dudes if that was for today or the next couple of days where rain and higher temps were announced. It was for the next few days, but he suggested i stay in the paths/sentiers.

Winds were much lighter than earlier in the day and from ENE at about 8 knots max. Put the 8.5 and used board number 2 with 20 degrees angle out for a test. It was fine when running on the ice and not bad on the snow. When starting in snow with lighter winds it was another story...

It was real fun just trying to stay on the path.

I was at St-Rose where I had been last week, on the east side of the bridge, but this time there was no-one about gawking :-)

Winds died down a bit and I left. About a good half an hour to 45 minutes of good exercise outside and still home before six (6). Life is good.

Next coupla days are rain and up to 8 degrees Celsius.
Since I LOVE the ice runs, hope it all freezes up again after.

Oh yeah, the bloody ferrule cap of the mast came off again and was difficult to remove from the top portion of the mast $%^&* This time cleaned inside where the ferrule goes - some people call this the female portion. After that I sprayed marine lubricant SailKote inside the female portion and outside the male portion. Also read some people have used wax to seal ferrules. Was surprised I could not find more discussion on this PITA on the web. btw PITA = pain in the axx

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