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FRI 04MAR2011

Weather for the weekend is NOT sounding good. Today is Friday and there is a potential of winds from the SE which is VERY unusual. This means I would need to go to the spot I broke my shoulder in 2008. Anticipate a little snow (about 2 to 3 cm) on a good surface of ice. The wind stayed from the NE and was NOT too strong. This means it is NOT worth checking out Vaudreuils ...Temps were about minus 5 Celsius.

Went home early and straight to the River near my house, but this time on the other side of the bridge. I had forgotten that all the kids had their March break now. The parking lot behind the church in Ste-Rose was completely FULL and there were kids everywhere. Parents were there too. Many people took the week off to avoid babysitting costs and to spend some quality time with their kids = VERY NICE !!!

Was not able to park too close to the River, but there were good paths all the way there. Checked the wind with my meter and was not getting great readings. Winds were still out of the NE or SE and maxing out at about 8 knots. There was at least 3 cm of snow on the ice. This means it was big sail time and flatter board time.

Rigged the MS Pursuit 8.5 and used board #1 - the red one - with 10 degree angle outward. Walked the kit out to the "ice" and got the looks :-) There were people everywhere and they were ALL turning in their tracks and starring. Once I got out on top of the River, people were stopping, taking pictures and just generally starring. They stopped walking, X-country skiing, ice fishing, skating, etc :-)

The entertainment portion was the most fun of the day. As I said, the winds were NOT great, but fun just the same. It felt like a typical summer day where you say, "if only the winds were a little stronger." At times I have considered trying my TR race sail 10.0, but that seems a bit extreme :-)

With the lighter winds and the low angle on the skis, it was difficult to go back upwind. Tacks on ice and snow are starting to get there. Still have NOT attempted a jibe -- not on ice nor on snow.

Oh yeah, it was actually warm enough with the workout, that I took off my gloves and hood on occasion.

So, finished my week early, went winter sailboarding for over 45 minutes and was home before 17h00 :-) Life is good

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