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Friday March 11, 2011

Well, the gentlemen removing the fish-huts were right. The river is now a giant lake. My windsurf buddy said, "Only five(5) more weeks until we windsurf." And he won't go with gloves n hat. So, that probably means I will be on the water in about three(3) !! And one blog I follow => James Douglass under "My Blog List", he has already been out on the water, windsurfing in Massachusetts !!!

Then how come I cannot get the mystery of windsurfing on snow out of my head? After reviewing some more videos on the web, I have come to the conclusion that the next step for me is a three(3) legged sled. This means the two(2) skis on the outside stay flat and there is a third ski in the middle. I believe this acts as a rudder and keeps the board on track. I have already started drawing plans !!!

But just the same, I hope that lake on the river freezes for me because those would be IDEAL conditions for sled #2 with 20 degrees leaned out skis !!!

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