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Trial Run on the Football Field - SUN 27MAR2011

Drove the little one off to see a friend and the wife was going for a walk. Hey, it's a little cooler than yesterday and windier. Perhaps I can try the football field ? Winds hit 12 knots and more from the WNW. Put the 6-oh on the epoxy mast and used the pi winter sailboard # 3.14. Too many lulls in the wind and the angle was not good for the field. Still spring ski conditions. Tried board #2 which is now angled at 20 degrees. It felt like it could go, but it was too much work and looked like a train passed through in terms of tracks.

Put the Gaastra Flow 3X 7-oh on board pi and it went better.

Gave the session a 6 out of 10. OK. Was still out over one hour and tired after. Almost did a full tack.

Lesson: Need a better field than that. Next session - if it happens this winter - Near Mirabel !!!

Hey, my good friend Dolores went to Quebec City over the weekend and saw windsurfers doin' it on fields just near Qu├ębec !! COOL


  1. Skis will work better at 15° angle.

  2. My skis for ice are at 20 degree angle and for snow just the back is at 10 degree angle. If deemed necessary will try 15 degrees next. Thanks for the advice !!


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