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FFF vs BFF and "is windsurfing losing popularity"

Recently on iwindsurf i posted the question whether it was okay to ride with just the front foot in the straps. I have a phobia of getting stuck in the straps. The answer was clear - DONUT do this %^&*( However, this generated a HUGE discussion {AGAIN} on front foot first/ FFF versus back foot first BFF.

For me it was clear quickly that the ideal STARTING point was -- get up to speed {not too much}, get in front strap, hook in and then get in back strap. Today they are up to page 9 - read for yourselves:

Just when i thought windsurfers were arguing only on this point just for arguments sake, i discovered another long winded discussion on the auzzie forum about whether windsurf popularity was declining.Well, they are up to page 16 %^&*(

It feels like kitesurfers log here just to give it to the windsurfers ...

Some photos posted in the discussion are as follows:

obviously making fun of the polka dots and the "bra"
and this one ??

Dani posted some comments and my intention is NOT to re-hash the lengthy "discussion" from down under. What is sad is: equipment is definitely going up in $$$ now. Air Canada was threatening to no longer allow windsurf equipment for travellers - what, not heavy enuff 4 the size ? And the usual issues of storage, transport to the beach, expensive repairs, etc.

What i try to advocate locally is: perhaps it is time to go back to the longboards ? I hear KONAs are the rage in the US of A and i am SURE it is just a matter of time that we see them everywhere here. I brought my BIC Dufour down from the in-law's chalet and i use it more than 50 % of my outings. No longboard and i would be down to less than twenty (20) outings per summer season - just like all my local windsurf buddies %^&*(

In other words, lack of steady , "good" winds means NOT many outings. It is VERY difficult to be a weekend windsurf warrior locally %^&*()


  1. Joe Joe Joe,
    My advise to you is to practice on land first rig the sail and board before you Glue the fin (previous POST) and try to practice your back foot straps as much as you can using the short board so you can get over the PHOBIA, like pilot do (stimulator training),
    It took me a wile to get into the back foot strap so that was one thing i did to help me, after watching Jim hall video Beginner to Winer with i still go back to once a wile.
    I been following your posts for some time now, you come up with interesting questions, specially on MauiSail forum, that is why i follow your Blog:-)
    A registered user on MauiSail ask the same question about the front foot back foot first, his member name is Ken900, after reviewing his past post he seems to me that he is an advance sailor trying to test us on the form. lol
    As the rule of thumb front foot first get some speed pull down on boom than feel your toe to the back strap with out looking back slide your foot in the strap and here you go.
    Be positive :-)
    Good sailing Dani.

  2. Forget to comment on back foot getting stuck!
    Make sure the foot straps are not to loose or to tied, (set them up so you can have your toes out only) that way your feet doesn't get stuck inside.
    Hope this help.

  3. Now lets go back to the "is windsurfing losing popularity" Hmmmmm!
    Yes it is.
    1- Put it this way it become way to expensive, can you believe to buy a beginner rig will cost you about $2300 and what you get non carbon mast, boom, and a small sail 5.5 that is the beginning you need at least 3 sails a harness .....
    2- If you are an advance windsurfer you need a quiver of 3 boards 3 to 4 sails 3 to 4 fins, for average board is $1600 Sail $700 time 3 carbon mast $700 time 2 Carbon Boom $600 time 2.......
    Ouch that is a killer we talking 10,000 to 12,000 dollars. Wonder why is Declining
    Than we need the Wind. lol
    Good Sailing

  4. Wait i have not finish yet!
    Two wetsuits 3,2 and a 5,4, $700, Helmet $100, Vest $100.
    Need more? GPS $150, GoPro $250, wind meter $90, and than you need a trailer or van to hull all this junks $2,000. lol

  5. Had enough!
    Lets see how much kite surfers need.
    2 kites 2 boards $2200, 2 wetsuits, and a BICYCLE no need for
    Good sailing

  6. Hi Joe!

    We share many things, interest for longboards, larger sails, trouble getting in the rear strap, and we both live in Montreal! I'd like to meet and sail with you, I'm sure we could exchange tips and the like. I sail mostly from BDU, no rocks... Next weekend?

    Sailboarder (Yan)

  7. Hello Yan aka Sailboarder:

    If BDU = Baie d'Urfé, then i already go there :)
    When winds are E or W and not too many dogs, I go to the "dog park"

    when winds are SW S or SE I actually go to the city hall at the bottom of Morgan

    this weekend is rain and low winds %^&*(

    shoot me an e-mail at

    always a pleasure to meet MORE Montreal windsurfers

  8. Dani

    You can get a carbon/monofilm Bic level entry rig for $1000.

    Bic tupperwear board $900.

    Not getting hypothermia/drowning because you have a floaty WS board to slog or paddle back on if the fluky Canadian wind dies? Priceless.

  9. still believe one should start newbies on a longboard with small sail - this can cost under $200 and still be lots of fun and "safe" ie can get back to starting point. it also allows people the freedom to go when they can and not when the winds dictate. i personally cannot become a wind chaser - nor a bump n jumper. people are seeing kites as a new game and apparently easier to learn, easier to carry, etc i am just having too much fun to ever switch !!

  10. For a beginner, I would rent for a couple of years before purchasing windsurf equipment. You can rent a board and rig for about $200 for a week in Hatteras NC (Ocean Air), or a board+2rigs for about $300 per week. Once you think windsurfing is for you then you can commit to the sport,and buy your own equipment. I estimate about $3K and up for a single board, rig (sail, boom, mast). Yes, windsurfing is getting expensive, but so is every other fun sport (contrast skiing at $2K for a week in ASPEN colorado, assuming you own your equipment).

    -ahd310 guy


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