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Lost my weed fin #$%^&*()

Was perhaps too anxious to go out on the water %^&* Definitely remember hand tightening the powerboxed weed fin. Definitely remember tightening the vent plug and THINK i tightened the fin with the screw driver. I often have premonitions and somehow was feeling attached to the fin that day - like it was an old friend AND had thoughts of checking the fin each time i grazed a rock %^&*( Did i listen to my inklings - obviously NOT. When i hit a rock more solidly, i tried to go and learned what spin out is - the board just went sideways. Have i lost my fin ? YUP %^&*()

Thought perhaps it floated away and looked downstream - nothing. Swam in to shore and checked with another fin - yup, they sink %^&*() Tried to go back and find it - yeah right ... This is in the mucky local river where i swore i would NEVER go with my shortboard again. Again, yeah right %^&*()

Checked the web and people say things like - i have sailed 25 years and never lost a powerbox fin. Just want those people to know that that makes me feel a whole lot better and i hope you manage to lose a fin in your next session ... just kidding :)

I thought i had the pattern down and screwed up again %^&*() I have to learn to slow down and double check stuff. Especially vent plug and fin.

New rule - NO hand tightening the fin from now on %^&*()

just hope this has NEVER happened to you either and may it NEVER happen to you ...

the good news - i will purchase a Makani weed fin that covers 7.0 to 8.0 :)

thanx for the comments Dani - will hafta check you guys out in Cape Cod !!! :)
added the blog to my faves liste :)
AND NO more hand tightening does NOT imply power tools :)
ok ok - nor glue either - man oh man, one has to be careful what one "says" here :)
on one forum i wrote that i fell after hitting some rocks, butt was okay
someone responded - glad to know your butt was ok :)


  1. Sorry to hear that Joe.
    I lost my fin once it was not fun when you are way out their, you could rap your harness around, that will keep the board from spinning out, so you can manage to get close to shore.
    I don't like the new rule you have: NO hand tightening the fin from now on.
    It is not good to use a power tools to tighten the screws on fin or straps.
    Glade you made it safe.
    Good sailing Dani.

  2. Makani weed fin i have friend how has this fin and he love it, not bad for the money, even there slalom fin is good to.
    Check this blog this blogger is a good friend of mine, we sail together most of the time. Called THE WINDSURFING LOOP
    If you ever come to Boston area or Rhode Island let me know, will take you sailing and show you how nice is our windsurfing group is:-)
    Good Sailing,

  3. AND NO more hand tightening does NOT imply power tools :)
    Are you going to glue the fin. lol

    And you are welcome to check us out in Cape Cod or Fogland Rhode Island.
    You can be on our Facebook group at Fogland Windsurfers

  4. I can't stop laughing, liked the (glad to know your butt was ok) lol


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