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Windsurf on SNOW with GoPro

Finally got to test the snow version with a bit more wind. It was ENE and 30 to 50 kph or close to 20 knots at times. The problem was the snow. It was extremely sticky and even with the 7-oh sail, it was a lot of work.  I had to remove the surf board that i was trying in the middle- too much drag. So, it was back to the original board with fins...

Check out the raw video below. {you can make it 720HD and full screen}

03MAR2013 tried it again on the following Sunday. The weather has been toooo warm - hovering around the freezing mark. When i went on the river in the evening i hit water ON the ice UNDER the snow. It was NO better in the middle of the river. Put the 8-oh sail on just the same. This sail would be perfect for these winds of 20 to 40 kph or around 15 knots. The problem was i sank through the snow down to the water and stalled out. It was a good workout, but a flop of a session. So, why did i bother ?? Well, the forecast is calling for even warmer weather meaning the river will be dangerous very sooon. Damn, is winter over already ?? Did i just say that ??

04MAR2013 it is getting warmer all week $%^&* So, went out, butt not until i had put the third ski on the snow version. This was MUCH better on the surface butt even with the 8-oh there was NOT enuff wind $%^&*( Oh well. Next step is to try with 2 skis in the middle :-)

05MAR2013 - read last year's information and by MAR 10th, I was OFF the snow and ice and that made me nervous .... I had heard that Vaudreuils bay was packed on SUN. With winds 30-50 kph NE announced today , I left work early and headed out there. There was about 6 inches of wet snow and the wind felt less strong on the ice/snow. So I rigged the 8-oh and it WAS the correct choice. I should have removed the middle ski to be lighter, faster and more maneuverable.  The parking lot was FULL when i arrived, butt i got lucky - someone left. Give this session a 7 outta 10. It was okay, but not great. Since i am trying to lose weight, it was great for that ie GOOD workout :-)

06MAR2013 - this is reading week and i have the day off. Unfortunately the little one is sick :-(  The wife says why don't u go windsurfing. I donut need to be asked twice :-) Went to the local river Milles Isles and only brought the snow sailboard. MISTAKE. The snow was crusty and not too deep. May have been able to use the ice sailboard ... Do I remove the middle ski. Ah foget about it ... Was going to try the GoPro from the middle of the boom at the back, but the clamp broke slightly and fell off. Also one clip on the boom extension is now cracked tooo ^&*() Just the same, this session was easily an 8+ outta 10 !!! The snow was great and speed was good. I keep forgetting to bring the car GPS as it should be able to record speed with NO danger to loss or breakage due to water.
It seems the criteria for successful session in the winter is NOT so much the wind, but rather the conditions of the snow and/or ice. This makes sense cuz it takes less wind to have fun. I was out with the 8-oh today and they were saying 20 to 40 kph winds. In the summer i often use this sail size in these winds :-) So, yeah, i was flying :-)
Yvan of auventfou informs me they have sigle and double pin clips in stock and only $5 each :-)
Feel better already ....AND on Saturday Yvan gave me two(2) for FREE !! He also showed me PlancheMag report where AHDFF 130 fairs better than Fanatic Shark 130.

07MAR2013 - winds were to die this afternoon. Had to go in the morning and NO time to get replacement parts.. Wind is to die rest of the week and go over 7 degrees Celsius by Monday $%^&*() So, was out on the ice sailboard with the MS-2 8-oh in 20-40 kph winds at Parc Charboneau...
Clique to enlarge

Good thing I fixed that clip with epoxy last night !!! Photo at the left ...

I brought both the snow and ice versions. Once again good thing i did... I used the ice sailboard - video clip below and when i got home i noticed the mast base was loose and missing one bolt on the snow sailboard %^&*( Tightened it up and added a nut, butt will probably NOT get to use it again ...

A long video posted below - perhaps i will add music this time from youtube since i did not speak and one does not hear much :-)


This blog, my camera, the GoPro, etc all give me a chance to play or fart about as i call it. Too bad Windows Movie Maker really sucks %^&* At least i can try some nonsense like i did here. The same video is sped up 4 times and an old sound track from my 20 year old son has been added :-) Pretty funny, huh ?

I already started planning for summer and water sailboarding. YET, felt there MIGHT be hope, even IF the local river was developing holes in the ice - crazy fishermen were still goin on /$%?&*( And SO ...

SUN 17MAR2013 - Happy St. Patrick`s Day !!!

Yesterday my wifey and I passed by OKA and I asked about the state of the ice. The girl @ the gate suggested against going further out - strange cuz often the sides get soft first ...

This afternoon there was a wind prediction of 10+ knots. Vaudreuils in the bay usually has ice cover longer than anywhere else... The only issue was with west off-shore winds, how far out did one need to go ??


The ice was good all the way between Vaudreuils and OKA plus the winds were from the NW. Since the surface was rough & icy with unstable lighter winds, i chose the ice sailboard with the MS-2 8-oh sail. Since it was so rough, I did not get to use the harness. Did NOT want to catapault while attached. I tried the snow sailboard, butt i would have had to remove the metal fins ...

I called Sailboarder and left a message, butt he never showed up ...

Give the session a resounding 8 outta 10 - very sunny and I got to go out !!!

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