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Testing GoPro upside down on boom

SAT 16FEB2013 - Lately the weather has been warm for this time of year and for here, just over freezing and since I have had wet feet in the local river at the Route 117 bridge, I was a little apprehensive ! ! Well, the ice was solid and there was NOT much snow on it. Winds were light, about 10 knots or 16 kph max from the WNW. The temperature in the sun was very nice at about -5 degrees Celsius.  I rigged the MS-2 8-oh with the ice sled. I rated the session a resounding 9 outta 10 !!

Tried to film from the bottom of the boom. The sound is NOT good and some angles are bad also. Have put the entire film here uncut. With the new fiber network at home, it took 10 minutes to upload a 550 MB video !!! excellent !! now let's see if youtube can "process" it ?? Youtube says:
If after 8 hours you still see a status message next to the video saying Uploaded (processing, please wait), try removing the video from our site and uploading it again. {nice :-(  } Good thing it worked #$%^&*(

Oh yeah, forgot my harness %^&*( and as such my forearms got tired :-(

You can make the film 720HD and full screen :-)

SUN 17FEB2013 - went out at nite. Winds were about 15 knots from the WNW and i went at local bridge again. This time 6.3 and flew. Another 9 outta 10. Almost better than summer !!  Still ice and snow with temperatures under -10 Celsius. Tried the harness a few times. Harness, jibes and tacks are difficult unless better ground conditions ...


  1. I think the best boom mount for the GoPro is the Clew-View, developed and made by Jerry Evans here on Cape Cod. It gives you great footage from both sides, and is very easy to put on and take off. Definitely worth getting!

    1. you may be right
      however, as marked here,
      it seems to cost about $95
      many people seem to look for same effect, but with less expensive options :-)


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