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Poison Ivy/ Herbe à la Puce

Yes, there are signs like the one below at OKA Parc in the area called La Crête where we rig our sails.
And everyone knows that poison ivy has three (3) leaves in a particular pattern as shown both in the sign AND in the illustration just underneath.

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Then, how is it that I ALWAYS manage to get the stuff on my skin %?&*() Last time it was almost nothing and it does not look too bad in the enclosed photo. However, when i do show people , they do seem to get `grossed out`.

As usual, I am doing an experiment and applying propolis - a bee extract. This one is in the format of an ointment and is meant for external application. This DOES seem to control the itch and the rash is receding - albeit a little too slow for me %?&*() People are suggesting calamine lotion, oatmeal salve, cortisone and steroids... I`ll stick to my natural solution , and then just grin n bear it out ...

I guess the only solution for me to avoid this issue is to wear longer pants and make sure to wash them and perhaps even store them in a bag after use... The issue is the oil on the leaves. Obviously i am allergic and sensitive to this oil. Lucky me. My buddy, Rami, attracts the mosquitos and it is herbe à la puce for me /$%?&*()

If you know of something natural , readily available and even better than propolis for this ailment - please let us know :-)

My daughter-in-law suggested Nasonex. She tried it once on a skin rash and felt it was VERY successful AND quick. Non, it is NOT natural and contains corticosteroid. I will try ONLY one application of this:

pic from

In 2014 I got poison ivy early in the season - June. I stopped myself from scratching as soon as I realized what i had, re-read these notes and started the applications. I used the Nasonex for the corticosteroid and the propolis as well. It only took about 4 or 5 applications of each intermittently to reduce itching and inflammation before it all just looked like dots on my skin. This means within one week it practically disappeared WITHOUT spreading !! This proves to me that this is my method of controlling my poison ivy. Hope you all find a solution that works for you. Or even better - have NO issues with it - like my buddy Jalal.

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  1. Hi Joe,

    I'm allergic to it too and get it once every few years. Treatment first step is to get rid of the oil. I typically use water and soap but it's not perfect. I read that rubbing alcool is better.

    Second step is to control the rash. I can usually bear it, but when it's too much, I use antihistaminics like Benadryl. It lowers the rash to a decent degree.

    Doctors always recommended me to let the wound dry as much as possible by letting it exposed. I once had a running wound that needed a bandage below it to collect the liquid. That was gross!

    In that case, I was also using some type of cortisone to help the skin to heal and to prevent bad scars. I never used cortisone for a small wound like the one in you picture however.

    Have fun!


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