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BIC Techno Formula for sale ? SOLD in 2 DAYS !!

Had decided to put my BIC Techno Formula/BTF 170 liter up for sale. Geoff suggested I sell my BTF and my AHD 160 in order to purchase a discounted iSonic slalom board. Know i would like a wide , faster board, but am NOT sure I am ready for an iS...maybe freerace ??

And so, I tried to sell my BTF to start and purchase a faster wide board. NOT a freemove, but either FreeFormula or Formula.
SOLD in 2 DAYS and I purchased a used JP SLW92 Pro Edition  :-) same day
people were clamouring for the BIC !! should have asked more $$$ ???

Here is a sample of the adverts:
I really like this board and was somewhat surprised how well it worked for newbies. Once the smaller fin was used, all complaints disappeared. Once one is over 200 pounds a little more technique is required. Under that weight you can dance on this board :-)

I link the adverts back to my BTF discussion on this blog:

and also to the video I made this summer:

Here is what the BTF was replaced with - the JP SLW92 PRO edition:

BIC Techno Formula-------------------------------------------JP Australia SLW92 PRO

Length : 267 cm---------------------------------------------------------250 cm
Width :     93 cm---------------------------------------------------------92 cm
Volume: 170 liters------------------------------------------------------165 liters
Weight:  10.8 kilos = about 24 pounds-------------------------9.5 kg/~21 lbs
Fin Box: Trimm - later ones had deep Tuttle-----------------deep tuttle
Sail Range: 8.5 - 12.0 ------------------------------------------------ > 7.5 {for me > 8.0}
OFO is 67.5 cm as measured -------------------------------------72 cm as measured
-----------------------------both have slight VEE underneath---------------------------------

iSonic 150 was for sale recently, but is only 228 cm long - tacking may be an issue ....

I also have an AHD FastForward/FF 160 which is 80 cm wide. I like this this board with my 8.x sails in about 16 knots of wind... 
Here is a photo with the two(2) beside each for visual comparison purposes...

So, even though these two(2) boards have very similiar volumes... they are completely different animals. However, if the JP SLW92 handles the 8.x sails well enough, the AHD will be up for sale !! 

How do the numbers compare? AHD vs JP SLW

AHD FF 160 -------------------------------------------------JP Australia SLW92 PRO

Length : 268 cm---------------------------------------------------------250 cm
Width :     79 cm---------------------------------------------------------92 cm
Volume: 160 liters------------------------------------------------------165 liters
Weight:  9.9 kilos = about 22 pounds----------------------------9.5 kg/~21 lbs
Fin Box: PowerBox ----------------------------------------------------deep tuttle
Sail Range: 5.5 - 10.0 ------------------------------------------------ > 7.5 {for me > 8.0}
OFO is 53.8 cm ---------------------------------------------------------72 cm as measured
long n narrow --------------------------------------- short n fat

As to the purchase of the JP SLW is a more modern FreeFormula and can go a little faster. It also happened because the price was right. This is a $2000 board that cannot be older than 2012. Sent JP an e-mail asking about the year based on s/n. NOT impressed with JP lack of response - not even an automated answer = SAD. Based on this discussion, my board is a 2012 -- 
Once home, the board was cleaned and the "brown spot" disappeared. I coloured in the section where a piece of the footpad is missing. For the fin it is normal that the tip gets chewed up and I did a quick fix with MarineTEX. The board n fin are ready for the first TEST :-)

Obviously I will give a full report on this board, but perhaps next year since it is already September ...
May be luckier than I thought ... Indian summer is pulling in and Sunday has some light winds...SW 10 to 15 knots - ideal for testing light to mid wind equipment :-) WOOHOO


  1. how much did you sell it for? I have one and want to sell it

    1. please send you question directly to joe_windsurfer at hotmail :-)

    2. Any way to find out if Lookup is still interested in selling his BTF?


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