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Starboard HyperNut 4 in 1

I must be getting old, slow or both ...
This board seems to have been around a while now
yet I seem to be just hearing about it now ...
As the name suggests, one is supposed to do these four things on the one board
SUP, Windsurf, Windfoil and SUP foil ... hmmm

The board is longer than I anticipated and maybe a bit lacking in litres (for SUPping)

131 liters is the one I was looking at ...8'0" x 31.5" - why back to imperial and stay in liters for the volume ?? size is imperial which translates into 243.8 cm x 80 cm and is what we are used to

I am guessing NOTHING beats a REAL windsurf foil board at this time !!

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  1. Hi there,

    I am thinking about buying the 4 in 1 hypernut and wanted to ask you about its performance for windfoiling? Is it really bad?


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