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Getting Hooked

During my last session, in my hurry,  I forgot to tie the seat harness straps around my legs. This basically turned the seat harness into a waist harness. I sailed like this with a 10-oh race sail without even realizing it until i got off the water. In fact i was loving it !!!

What i did notice while on the water was the boom was higher than usual - when i use the harness i put it lower- and was actually where i like it when i am not in the harness - like on the long-board on a lite wind day. Even with 30 inch harness lines, i still lower the boom to facilitate easier hooking in and hanging down low.

This makes me wonder whether i would enjoy or like a waist harness more than my current old seat harness. What i am going to do as an experiment is put the leg straps/attachments looser in order to keep the hook about two to three inches higher...

That session i had also moved the harness lines back on the boom to where i had liked them last year. This seemed to help as well.

The bigger issue for me is still the foot-straps. I am frust-strapped !! I am trying to either get in the straps too early or too late %^&*( This year my intention is to get in the foot-straps and to nail those water-starts $%^&*() After that i can concentrate on maneuvering around the chop (too small to really be called waves).

Read an article that explained how easy it is to teach people all these facets IF you are in an area with steady constant winds, shallower water and not too much wave. That's not happening here :-) For me it just means it will take longer, butt i am enjoying myself each time i go out just the same. I can still blast, chop hop and bask in the sun on a lite wind day !!!

My motto: just get on the water - and LOVE it :-)

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