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Uphauling a sail onto a "smaller" board/sinker

The reason I put the title word smaller in quotes is : size is relative. My windsurf buddy weighs about 230 lbs (about 105 kilos) and is starting to use his new Fanatic Hawk 135. This board is weight in kilos plus 30. He has difficulty up-hauling and this is a new skill to be acquired. Tinho Dornellas of Calema Sports in Florida states that it is imperative to be able to up-haul onto your board cuz there are always times when the wind goes down or wind-shadows, etc.

Bruno of 2-rad says he can up-haul on his 90 liter board and he too is 200 lbs.

It basically takes some skill AND practice. Bruno has said he keeps the front foot in front of the mast and the back foot back ie NOT straddling the mast. The reason he does this is: he wishes to start with the sail azap. Nelson of 2-rad calls it going after that upside down triangle ...

Here is an article on the subject and i will "steal" some pieces of info and some photos:
clique images to enlarge !! and see more clearly

In 2015 I tried a SB iSonic 117W, but it was too much for me. Traded it out for an AHD SL2 132 the next year which is more forgiving and yet a slalom board -- for uphauling I read somewhere it is important to keep tail up. If tail sinks too much , you may be dumped. Nose down is okay !! That helped me a lot !!

Here is a fellow up-hauling 5.0 on a 78 litre board - woman commenting he ate too much spaghetti

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