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When is there enuff wind?

In my last post I wrote about what is too much wind. Quite often the converse is an  issue as well. When is there enuff wind ?

There have been plenty of times when i/we have gone windsurfing and sat on-shore waiting for the wind to pick up or in some instances to change direction. Often, when the direction was off slightly we would go off to another more promising site. Some people say - never leave wind for wind elsewhere...

My windsurf buddy, has purchased a Fanatic Hawk 135 and is now selling his BIC Techno 2 160 liter board. This means his wind expectations have increased.

I, on the other hand, have gone to the country and brought back my BIC Dufour Wing, which has about 220 liters of volume. This means my wind expectations have decreased. The proof is in the pudding. Why, just last month, May 2011, I have been out approximately ten (10) times. About eighty(80) percent of those outings have been in lighter winds - on the Dufour with a MS Pursuit 8.5. Just yesterday, Sunday the 5th of June, I was out on a beautiful sunny day on the local river in winds all under 10 mph. And yet, I had the time of my life and it made me feel like i actually lived out in the countryside and was taking a stroll on the water !!

There are things called pain thresholds. I suggest there are levels called pleasure or joy thresholds. How much wind does a windsurfer need to have a great time. I venture to say most of it is in the mind. If you think you're gonna have a good time - why usually you do !!!

Obviously if the wind is too low for the equipment you have on site, it is a different issue. And that is why I have added the monster board and whenever winds are announced as 20 to 40 kph, I will bring along the Dufour. This way i am sure, I will venture out on the water. Since i seem to know myself somewhat - as a water rat - any time on the water is a good time !!

My hope is that people lower their wind thresholds and grasp the joy of being on the water. Yes, going fast and trying new stuff has great pleasures as well. However, i donut want to be dependent on bigger winds for my fix. I am not ready to buy a SUP or other water gadget, butt have enough stuff to go on winds from 5 mph to about 30 mph. Under that forget it and over that, my skills just are not there. This addresses about 90 % of the winds we have and guarantees me at least one wind session per week :-)

Right now Wednesday is starting to be set as next "bigger" wind day. It is about 15 mph, which sounds like 20 to 40 kph to me. I prefer the sun, but am ready to go in the wet anyway. AND the days are getting longer. Can put in a full day's work, go out on the water and still get home in time to make supper.

How can anyone complain about that? Life as a waterman is GREAT :-)

Some people go the Formula route, butt that is not a road for everyone and expen$ive.

This lighter fellow reaches 18 knots GPS in just 10 to 13 knots with an 8.0 !!! Not bad !!!
As a heavyweight, I need to use a 10-oh on my 160 liter board in such winds to have similiar results.
And the moral of this story is - get on your board n ride :-) 

Ironically I came across an article in an old Windsurf Mag from 2008 today on the train... It stated that you knew you were a longboarder if you preferred the tack over the jibe - guilty. Also said 7 mph winds are enuff to put a grin on your face - guilty. What i found really interesting was the stats - what is your biggest board?
The numbers were:
21.29 % Longboard
11.39 % Formula
44.06 % 101 to 150 liters
16.34 % 85 to 100 liters
6.93 % under 85 liters = WOW
This was apparently based on reader input and i am interested to know how well that represents the North American windsurf population. Nowadays SUP and KONA are becoming popular and may influence the big board numbers...

Followup: Bruno of 2-rad tells me he can plane with 200 lbs on a 90 liter board with a 6.2 sail in 14 knots of wind... Someone wrote something similar in a comment on another post - let me find it ... Anonymous had written in the next post about too much wind that "average joe windsurfers" use 4.2s in the Gorge and that everything is relative. Luckily, Einstein agrees :-)

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