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Me n my BEE

28JUN2011 - off for the week - went to visit the outlaws at the chalet with the wife n the kid - on a Tuesday.

Brought the stuff to test the BEE.

Dutch fellow Robert on a BEE LTD 124 with an 8.1 ripping it up

I must have hated the first test OR forgot to write about it in the journal !!! There was one day where i did the intro test on the 2001 Fanatic BEE LTD 124. When i have newbies learning how to w/s, i have them stand on the board to see how they balance the board and sometimes can spot balance issues. So, i took the BEE to AAO and put it in the water with NO sail and tried to stand on it. WELL, those smaller boards just do NOT balance the same. At one point i started to worry that i had made a mistake. Also, the anti-skid on the board was still rough enuff to rip the skin on my shins. I was NOT a happy camper that day. Although I did RIP on the 160 with the 8.5 after !!!

Add to that - my buddy now has a 2011 Fanatic Hawk 135 which he finds extremely difficult to up-haul on !!

In case you do not follow this blog or do not know me/us. My current weight is 97 kilos/ 215 pounds. Lost 35 pounds from 250 - just for windsurfing :-) {yes, i know - that was not a healthy weight}. So, these are our next boards down from our big lite wind floaters -- 160 liters AHD FF for me and BIC Techno II 160 for my 235 pound w/s buddy. {the BIC was sold and he is sticking with his Hawk 135}

This test at the chalet was with a wetsuit - no scuffing the shins and with a sail (old Gaastra Flow 3x 7.0) as a counterbalance. Winds were extremely light - the idea was to test the possibility of up-hauling.

The first thing i noticed, it was a cinch to carry the kit - board n sail - to the water as one unit. When i try this with my 160 liter board and 8.5 sail, it is a chore and NO easy task. NO wonder the others are marching to the wind with ease !!! Their kits are much lighter and easier to carry $%^&*()_

It was also a good thing that i did the previous post on up-hauling a smaller board. I did NOT straddle the mast, but instead had the front foot against the front of the mast base and used the back foot to balance how the front of the board was in relation to the top of the water.

It was not that difficult, butt i did NOT ever sink lower than 6 inches in the water. I was even able to schlogg and managed one or two(2) tacks. A light wind jibe/gybe actually went through as well.

When the wind gave a little kick, the front foot started to go back and the smile started to form on my face.

Yeah, now i almost cannot wait to give a real buzz on the water with my BEE !!!

just me n the BEE :-)


{found the entry of my first test on the BEE - it was in my original journal entries - just before or around the time they kept getting fuddled up - it was 03JUN2011 - beginning of the month on a Friday - it was the day some "lady" gave me shite for wearing a Marilyn Manson t-shirt :-) in her honour, i will wear it again next time i go out :-) }

for my records - the mast was at 140 cm from the tail - for balance

SAT 02JUL2011 was on the lake with the BEE and the Gaastra 7-oh. In a bathing suit {yes - scuffed the shins :-(} and had better winds.

Was surprised that I could NOT get the board planing in those winds. The BIC Dufour felt smoother and faster than the BEE in the same winds with the same sail. Unfortunately I already pushed my back too much and was NOT ready to try the 8.5 on the BEE - although i really wanted too. I paid dearly just for not resting the back - on the drive home every bump hurt my back :-(


Was actually able to do some tacks n gybes - not full speed though and NOT real gybes. At times the board goes down over one foot in the water ...
Waterstarts n footstraps - here i come !!

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